DSCN0967Help make your home easier to find for 911 emergency, friends and home delivery services by having large, brilliant 4 inch numbers painted on your front curb. House numbers are hard to see from the street and almost impossible to read at night.
• Makes it easy for police and ambulances to find you. In a worse case scenario, even seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Well painted curb number addresses can make all the difference.
• Allows your delivery driver to see you. This way if you have a delivery from FedEx, DHL, UPS, or even if you have a new postal carrier, they will be able to find your home.
• Makes it easy for your food to find you. If you’ve ordered take-out, your driver will have a much easier time finding you with your curb painted.

With your permission, address numbers will be painted on your curb using Marsh stencil ink (not paint). These numbers are waterproof, incandescent and will last for years. All work is professionally done to your satisfaction. The cost for this service is only $15.00 for one or $20.00 for two (the best deal). With two, you can get them painted on the boundaries of your property, or on either side of your driveway.

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